Glimpses of True Liberation ~ in and From The Body

                                                                                  Photo credit: Dipika Belapurkar

Craniosacral therapy typically is sought by new clients for resolution of their physical ailments. Rarely is the connection made to the mind in dysfunctional physiology. Even rarer is the insightful person that walks in and states, “I suffer from emotional trauma and I can’t find the place in my body where it is lodged.”

‘Psychosomatic’ is still just a word in the lexicon of most people. They still need a lengthy explanation of it before they commit to this or any other alternate therapy.

So what do atypical clients learn in a few sessions that would be so remarkable and which, most times, causes healing at deeper cellular levels. It’s what I call instant karmic resolution thrown in with the client’s free will to change themselves at any cost. By themselves emotions are neutral, they discover. Emotions align with their thoughts and in time form perceptions. These gradually or rather insidiously metamorphose into their belief systems. Intractable at their best!

The learning for all such clients, who have understood the above, is immense.

Lighting up the Inside World

Clients may or may not recognize what they are feeling, or have felt in the past, with regard to their experiences. But, in their sessions they are likely to in time perceive sensations within the body. Heat, cold, tightness, looseness, darkness, numbness, tingling, relaxation, burning, circular motions, zigzag movement, constriction, and many other things. Connecting these sensations to feelings, memories, visions, insights, etc, startle some people into instant awareness of the source of their problem. For others it may take longer to make these connections, but in time they do as well. It’s all good work!

Emotions in Transition

The next thing the client understands is the transitory nature of these feelings and sensations. They watch over a few sessions the coming and receding of such things within the body. Their learning is that they can bear to be with difficult experiences after all. This is a liberating insight!

Opposites Can Co-exist

They learn then to distinguish between positive and negative feelings, both of which can be simultaneously withstood. So, one can gain in ones ability to feel joyfulness even in the midst of depressive thoughts and thus prevent oneself from sliding into any kind of irredeemable state.

Learning Self Compassion

Getting familiar with this process of getting to know sensations and feelings, one leading to the other, a client learns to skillfully traverse what lies on the inside with true self-compassion. When clients understand their own processing, they actively work at understanding others.

Metabolic Processing

We intimately know and follow our metabolic processes in the body don’t we, because we savor our eating experiences. Memories and feelings are connected to chemical components as well, in the shape of neurotransmitters. These chemical substances are metabolized (read broken down) when we get ready to let negative feelings dissolve.

Curious to Know Self Better

From previously repressing difficult emotions, clients become curious to understand themselves better via these. So fear for instance can open the doors to feelings of timidity and inferiority trapped inside. This teaches them to locate more of their psychic selves hidden in their bodies.

Taking Responsibility For Oneself

People don’t necessarily pay attention to their own complex natures. And thus their difficult feelings are projected out into the world. In craniosacral treatment the evidence that humans lead multilayered emotional lives is seen from inside. What starts out as frustration may turn into deeply held anger. It takes courage to acknowledge this anger as ones own to release.

Becoming Energized

A therapist can use empathy towards clients to track the inside of their bodies, with compassion and loving attention. Without judgment from both, this process becomes quickly an energizing one. And who doesn’t want to feel energized?

The Outside Connection to Inside

The realization that their outside world influences and changes with their inside one is surprising for most people, at first. For they have never before connected the two. Once they start managing their inside world – of feelings and sensations – learning to live without overwhelm, the outside becomes far easier to handle most times.

In good time, the natural world….of relationships, wants, needs, disappointments, joys….becomes one to be in not to be of. This could be called the final liberation.

When we are liberated from our travails we truly become courageous. And like EFT Master Lindsay Kenny teaches us in her Tapping tree model, we can indeed master our emotions at the branches of the tree.



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